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What we aim for is a well-being society that accepts diversity while inheriting local good things.

Ishinomaki hops and craft beer made by various people connect the city and the city,

we hope that it will be an opportunity for everyone to interact with each other.

“Since the time of the earthquake, Ishinomaki has been giving us YELL,

and this time we want to give back ALE to you on the wind.”

Please enjoy beer with such thoughts.


ISHINOMAKI HOP WORKS locate where is damaged by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake "Ishinomaki Nikkatsu Pearl Theater site".

Once this place has created local culture for a long time as sake brewery, dance hall, and movie theater.

Refining and reviving good old things,

creating a new culture that will lead to the next generation through beer brewing and sales aiming to create, choose this place,

we started brewing here from June 2022.


A perennial vine hop, a type of herb.

​The buds begin to appear when the cherry blossoms bloom (March~April), and they sometimes grow 30 cm a day.

It grows up to about 6m during the harvest period from late July to mid-August.

Affects the "bitterness", "aroma", "sterilization" and "transparency" of beer,

it's one of the most important elements in beer brewing. ​

It is also attracting attention for its sleep-promoting effect, beauty effect due to female hormone-like substances, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Our Hops,




"Shinshu Wase"



After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture,

I have been fascinated by the strength of the people's power to live. 
General Incorporated Association Ishinomaki Farm, which operates ISHINOMAKI HOP WORKS started hop harvest with the idea of supporting employment through agricultural work using rich nature.

Starting with just a few seedlings, we now have a brewery called ISHINOMAKI HOP WORKS.
Where our hop farm is located in Kitakami-cho, Ishinomaki City,  during the summer harvest season,

a green curtain of hop seedlings over 5 meters wide spreads out.
Then, the small hops are carefully picked one by one by the staff and those who are receiving employment support, it becomes the raw material for beer.
Our Beer is born from the hands and thoughts of many such people.

From now on, I would like to deliver "hope", which is also the flower language of hops,

through beer with everyone in the rocal.

When the people involved in hop cultivation shown smile to me,

I felt that happiness is something that anyone can experience.

I would be happy if everyone enjoyed drinking beer even good day and bad day.

​At ISHINOMAKI HOP WORKS, we create a place of diversity where happiness reaches everyone and no one is separated.

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